About FlyLife

Some Background Information

FlyLife was born out of a frustration with existing fishing magazines which tend to be full of articles driven by advertising, and which lack serious fly fishing content. Having contributed to most of the existing magazines, popular writer Rob Sloane decided to stop complaining about their editorial standards and set about producing something better. Rob believed that there was room for a collectable Australia / New Zealand publication dedicated solely to fly fishing, and that fly fishers in general would appreciate a high quality product with articles selected on their merits rather than their commercial benefits.

In September 1995 the first issue of FlyLife hit the stands. The rest, as they say, is history. FlyLife has been a great success and has an avid readership across Australia and New Zealand and a growing list of subscribers in 50 countries worldwide. FlyLife is a proudly independent publication, designed by fly fishers, for fly fishers.

Editor - Rob Sloane

Editor Rob Sloane has a PhD in fish biology, having served time as a trout biologist and fisheries administrator. As well as many scientific papers, Rob has hundreds of fly fishing articles to his credit having been a regular contributor to popular magazines in Australia and New Zealand. His scientific background adds depth to his articles which reflect his passion for debunking the myths and complexities of fly fishing.

Rob's book The Truth About Trout (1983) is regarded as an Australian fly fishing classic and he followed this up with More About Trout (1989), Trout Guide (1991), Fly Fishing Fundamentals (1993) and Australia's Best Trout Flies (1997). Fly Fishing Fundamentals offers a great introduction to fly fishing and has been reprinted many times. Rob's more recent book, The Truth About Trout Revisited (2002), is a reprint of the original The Truth About Trout with updated text spanning the twenty year period since first publication. Rob also compiled and edited the fly-fishing short story book Short Casts (2004), the travel book Fifty Places To Fish Before You Die (2006), highlighting the best fly-fishing destinations across Australia and New Zealand, and, most recently, Watershed, detailing his personal experiences of a move to the country to renovate an old farmhouse on a river.

A resident of Richmond in Tasmania, Rob Sloane has fished as far afield as the United Kingdom, Europe and South America. In Australia his favourite trout waters include the Monaro streams, the rivers of north-east Victoria, and the Western Lakes in his home state of Tasmania. Rob regularly fishes New Zealand waters and has fished both islands extensively.

Rob is also a saltwater convert and has now taken a variety of species on fly including tuna, queenfish, Australian salmon (kahawai), golden trevally, giant trevally, Spanish mackerel, bream, cobia, barramundi and bonefish.

Columns & Fly Tying

Rob Sloane’s editorial is widely read, likewise his Last Cast column. North American journalist and tackle outfitter Steve Dally keeps FlyLife readers updated on the latest product developments and news from the USA in his Latest & Greatest page. Saltwater fly-tier Chris Beech presents a 2-page column (On The Beach) detailing a different pattern each issue, with step-by-step tying photographs and instructions. Likewise, Peter Watson (Watson’s Fancy) describes an innovative trout fly pattern each issue, with background, tying instructions and photos. For the digital edition of FlyLife, Brad Harris has been able to photograph and animate the featured flies, presenting a 360 degree, rotatable view to aid the avid fly tier. 


For the travelling fly-fisher FlyLife has a unique Travel Guide section where all the best lodges and guides are advertised, and globe-trotting correspondents contribute to a regular Postcard column from far flung corners of the world.


The photographic reproduction quality achieved in FlyLife is an aspect which receives comment from around the world. Photographic contributions from staff photographer Brad Harris and other professionals including David Anderson, Bill Bachman, Derek Grzelewski, Les Hill, Sean Larkan and Andy Trowbridge have set the standard. Beautiful pictorials add to the appeal and collectability of FlyLife.

Freshwater Features

In terms of feature articles, FlyLife contributors have included Daniel Agar, Nigel Birt, Mark Cloutier, Steve Dally, Greg French, Tom Gleisner, Derek Grzelewski, Daniel Hackett, Brad Harris, Josh Hutchins, Marc Griffiths, Mat McHugh, David Tasker, Neil Grose, Peter Elks, Danny Spelic, Philip Weigall, Brett Wolf and Bob Wyatt. Lesser known and new writers are also encouraged. 

Saltwater Features

The saltwater and native-fish content has been provided by the likes of Peter Morse, Micah Adams, Kaj Busch, Dean Butler, Henry Gilbey, Rod Harrison, Lefty Kreh, Scott Mitchell, Nat Bromhead, Shannon Kitchener, Alistair McGlashan, Col Roberts, Warren Steptoe, Mark Williams, Michael Winterton and Craig Worthington. FlyLife's commitment to saltwater fly-fishing recognises the enormous potential and growing interest in this modern branch of the sport. 

Short casts


In addition to the feature articles, comprehensive reviews and columns in each issue, FlyLife also includes a very popular Short Casts section, which encourages good literature and often includes stories by previously unpublished authors. The short stories are entertaining and delightfully unpredictable. A collection of these is also available in book form (both soft and hard cover - published 2004) and can be ordered online from the FlyLife website shop. 

FlyLife is published quarterly in the first week of March (autumn), June (winter), September (spring) and December (summer). It is distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand in quality tackle shops and newsagents. Subscriptions, back issues, Rob's books and a range of products can be purchased using the secure credit card facility in the FlyLife Shop.