Scientific Anglers Specialty Wire & Bite Leaders

Saltwater leaders for big & toothy fish

by Thursday, 01 June 2017

Scientific Anglers has released a specialty range of wire and bite leaders for both fresh and saltwater anglers chasing toothy fish species. We don’t have musky and pike to fish for in Australia, but we do have everything from tailor and mackerel species to the line burning wahoo.

Tying wire tippet to mono requires specialty knots that can at times be difficult to tie. In response, these premium leaders to suit toothy species are ready to loop onto your fly and start fishing.

The Premium Wire Leaders are available in three models which feature either a fluorocarbon or abrasion-resistant butt section, with pre-tied loop and premium ‘Knot 2 Kinky’ nickel titanium wire, which is super straight, ultra-kink resistant and 100% corrosion proof. They also feature a rock-solid Stay-Lok snap closure that won’t open while fighting. This allows easy changing of flies.

Toothy Fish Premium Wire Leaders feature 7.5 feet of abrasion resistant leader with 15 inches of single strand nickel titanium wire. The Toothy Fish Stealth Leader replaces the wire with 15 inches of 80 lb abrasion resistant fluorocarbon for those times when the fish shy away from your wire offerings.

Figure 8 Premium Wire Leaders are designed for finishing retrieves with boatside figure-8’s, to convert more follows into takes. The Esox (read Pike) Special provides proven, bombproof design for seriously strong, toothy predators.

Pedator Wire Leaders offer quality leaders at an affordable price, featuring 1x7 Stainless Steel Wire that is black coated, and multiple crimps are supplied for easy changing of flies.

For anglers who like to tie their own or want to customise wire tippet lengths, Scientific Anglers have the 1x7 strand stainless wire in 30 ft lengths in 20 lb and 45 lb. For those chasing premium quality wire the Knot 2 Kinky knottable nickel titanium wire is available in 15 ft lengths in 25, 35 and 55 lb.

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